25@365: Day 122

25@365 Black and White Canada Digital General

OCTOBER 2, 2010 – What my camera bag looks like when I go out for a formal portrait shoot with friends or subjects.

I promised myself not to react publicly in regards to people who buy cameras “just because” instead of getting into photography because they want to dab their feet on some form of visual art and not because every one has dSLRs nowadays and that I want to take a better profile picture for my social network account. But it gets kind of annoying when you hear comments like, “you’re a loser and so is your camera because it does not have [HD] video capabilities.”

I have a number of film cameras ranging from 135-film SLRs, toy cameras and TLRs. I have a Nikon D40 that was released 4 years ago and in the field of digital photography, can be considered as a neanderthal. I have a point and shoot that I use to update this site and when I don’t want to carry anything heavy with me. Those are the only ones I have. Majority of people think that film photography is ancient. A lot of people think they should upgrade each and every time Brand A and Brand B release a new camera when the only difference is that D80 is just a couple of digits away from D90 or D-what-have-you.

I’m sorry. People who think like that suck. I don’t care if they took formal lessons in photography and that they have more technical background that I do. I am not an awesome “photographer”. Perhaps getting a better camera will help me more, but that won’t change the way I see MY WORLD. It’s still the bittersweet, awful yet awesome life that I live regardless of which viewfinder I look at. At the end of the day, if you don’t know how to feel and you don’t know the importance of what you do, then your photos and videos, no matter how shiny and high-definition they are, will suck. For me it’s about the skills, the tools, and the personality. So please stop judging people who wanted to use other tools that are not similar to your high-end gear. Just let your photos and your personality do the talking.

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