25@365: Day 085

25@365 Canada Digital Food

AUGUST 26, 2010 – Very impromptu night-out with Sybil and Phoebi.

Quick trip to Perkin’s led to another catching-up session with my university friends. I just realized that these “sessions” seem to be increasing in importance especially that we are all working full-time now. We’ve been focusing more on our careers, expenses, short/long-term plans, and our personal lives with our significant others.

I think these changes are not inevitable, rather a choice that we made. I’m enjoying my new lifestyle, despite of being very busy. It makes me realize how lucky I am that I have these blessings right in front of my plate. At the same time I’m also grateful that I know I have friends to rely on and who can relate to me as I go along and embrace these changes.

The food’s good, as usual. 🙂