25@365: Day 064

25@365 Canada Food Phone Cam

AUGUST 5, 2010 – I know I am still a couple of days behind my other entries. No worries, I have them all in — it’s just that I haven’t resized all the photos just yet. :p

Anyway I didn’t bring my FS7 yesterday as figured that my sister needs it for uploading photos that she took last weekend while we were on a family trip. So I ended up bringing my LC-A and a roll of Ferrania Solaris 200 ISO. I didn’t expect that I’ll be using it all up because Sybil, Phoebi and I had another session of unplanned getaway yesterday.

We met at Polo Park and then voted for Korean food. It was my first time having a samgyeopsal, and the food just reminded me Victoria Song and Nichkhun. 🙂

The food was delish, by the way.