Thrifty Finds

Canada Digital

Yesterday my friends picked me up at work and we had this impromptu get-together. We ended up visiting three different thrift stores. I would write about our trip there later.

I did get some photography-related stuff from our trip. One our last stop I found a very funky-looking picture frame. I also found a nice 24mm AF Pentax Efina AF50. I didn’t realize that it needs APS film. Bummer. I was just attracted that it was 24mm. Meh.

Last Sunday I found another Vivitar IC100. My first one was a black body, without the hot shoe. My recent visit to the same thrift store branch landed me to another Vivitar IC100, this time the panorama one, and in color champagne. For 3 bucks, I couldn’t say no. :p

As a reward for saying “yes,” I found out that there’s a grocery-brand ISO 400 film in there too. He he.

This quick search showed how much it can do for a fraction of a cost. I can’t wait. 🙂

Also had problems with my cameras lately. My Canon AE-1 is in a coma right now. Rewind button’s stuck, and so is its film advance lever. My Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim’s broken too. My Pentax ME-F almost broke and I am glad that it did not. Heh.

I will bring my AE-1 to a local repair shop and hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.