25@365: Day 036

25@365 Canada Digital

JULY 8, 2010 – Initially I was about to post something, which was taken out of my camera phone, but after running an errand today after work, I decided to do this instead. This is text and photo intensive post, so be warned! (Sybil, this is for you, too!) 🙂

I have to go to the grocery today to withdraw money (I know, it didn’t make sense, but my bank’s inside the grocery) in order to pay for the door-to-door package that my mom’s sending to the Philippines. So after my dad dropped me there, I got the money, and since I rarely go to the groceries, I decided to wander around.

I was supposed to get a Joe Fresh cream-colored light cardigan for my new dress (which I bought recently online at Forever 21), a pair of shorts and a Revlon lipstick (the same lipstick line that Reggie reviewed) but when I was about to head to the cashier, I just realized, “damn, my plastic organizer!” So I ran and looked for one. Ha ha. I hardly go to Superstore so I don’t know where their sections are. It didn’t help that I don’t have my eyeglasses that time.

Anyway, so I ended up leaving the shorts and the lipstick (I felt bad because my Bare Essentials pink lipstick broke today because it melted due to the heat!). But anyway, I got my longed-for makeup cabinet and I didn’t pay a lot since I used up my points. He he.

As you can see, I have two sets of organizers on top of my vanity drawer. The small one was the one that I had before. It used to contain my small pots of mineral make-up, some of my brushes and my lip glosses and lipsticks. Now that I have the huge drawers, the small one became a place solely for my brushes and my makeup tools.

First drawer contains anything foundation and powder. I’m always a to-go girl so mineral makeup, primers and concealers are my best friends. I love my Bare Minerals mineral makeup, but I would love to try some drugstore/supermarket brand mineral makeup too.

Second drawer has all my eye color. I hardly wear one because I’m always rushing on my way to work, but when I have time, I put something just for a touch of color. I love natural colors by the way, and usually stick with pinks and plums when I want to deviate for a bit.

Third drawer contains my blushes, bronzers and my makeup sets. I don’t have a lot of blushes, which is fine, I think. I have fair skin so my skin tends to get that natural flush. I would love to invest on highlighters though.

Last drawer is a mix of everything. I tried to be organized but… I can only do so much. Ha ha. It’s a mix of my makeup sponges, my mascara, barely used eyeliners and my lip glosses and lipsticks.

I thought that the cabinet that I bought was too big, but apparently it’s just the right size! I got my vanity table organized and glad that I have some space left.

I’ll be busy reorganizing my closet this weekend because my boyfriend’s dropping in the city for a week’s worth of visit. I don’t want to hear my mom say that it’ll be embarrassing to show him my room when it’s all messy and disorganized. Ha ha! Anyway, my family’s heading to the US by the end of the month, and I can’t wait to visit the Cosmetics Company Store at Albertville. Cheap deals with makeup? Count me in! 🙂