Olympus mju I (Stylus) Test Roll

Black and White Canada Film Streets

K got me a $5 Olympus mju I (Stylus in North America) last January. We haven’t really played around with this because this is not really for “me” (we intended to give it/sell it to someone else) since he already got me a Big Mini and a T4. But then again we haven’t given this yet (we’re acquiring more stuff, shall we say) so I have decided to used it for a day or so and tested it.

And honestly… I liked it! I just don’t like how the viewfinder is too small for me to use. Although it is discreet enough. Ergonomics wise this is better than the T4 but won’t beat Konica Big Mini if you asked me.

And I don’t know if it’s just me but I think this drains batteries faster than the other two cameras.