UPAA-Manitoba Informal Meet-up at Perkin’s

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Darren picked me up after work so that we could attend an informal meeting with the rest of the members of University of the Philippines Alumni Association here in Manitoba, Canada. We only started with five people before, and now we’re growing!

Never been to Perkin’s before. I like the homey feel, but I still prefer Pancake House. 😛

So we’re in the process of gathering more people, and hopefully having regular meet-ups. We wanted to have some activities so that we’ll be able to keep in touch and give something back to the Filipino community here in Winnipeg and eventually extend some help back home.

As one of our members said, “there’s no other university in our country who could best represent the Filipino community here in Canada but our state university.”

Stay tuned, Peyups. We will make you proud of us.

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  1. I’ve been trying to find a UPAA based in Winnipeg. I want to join and get to know the group. I am UPLB grad batch 2000.

    Nice pix.


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