A 100th, a good marker

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As soon as I logged in to post this entry, I learned that this is my 100th entry. Sweet.

I was late for my lunch date with my friends Joann and Lemarie. In my defense, I was tired and I slept in. The whole thing slipped my mind because I didn’t talk to them last night. Anyway, I just took a bath and took a bus on my way to Polo Park and met them there.

The plan was to go at Pancake House. I totally forgot that there’s actually one near the mall.

Joann and Lem are two of my closest friends here in Winnipeg. Together with Sybil (who was absent, because she was on a camping trip together with our other barkada), the four of us talk about a lot of diverse and interesting topics that majority of people our age won’t really talk about. Okay, I’m being mayabang, but who cares, and it’s the truth.

Joann deciding what to order.

Lemarie got the Toast Combo I think. Joann and I got the Deluxe Platter with the Pancakes. Mm.

Food and discussions are love.

The two of them being awkward and funny. Ha ha.

It’s funny that even though we never really lost contact when I went to Edmonton (we talk everyday on Plurk), we never ran out of things to talk about. I actually like how we can be mature and intelligent and be funny and sometimes childish all at the same time. With them I can act and talk my age and don’t get conscious about the things that I say. I sometimes think people get the impression that I am intimidating and annoying but I don’t get that from them. I guess we’re all the same? Ha ha. I love them, no matter what.

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