Food and Goodbyes

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It was the last day for me and Jacky to see Samie before she goes back to Japan, so the three of us decided to go out and have dinner.

We decided to go to Julio’s Barrio at Whyte Avenue, which is 5 minutes away from our university. Jacky and I brought our D40s, but this time I was experimenting because he let me borrow his AF 50mm 1:1.8 lens. And indeed, experimenting ensued.

We just walked around Whyte Avenue after dinner. Construction’s ongoing, so it kind of adds up to the busyness of the street. Also, I totally fell in love with the 50mm prime lens. I know it’s AF and not AF-S, but it delivered so much to my photos.

We enjoyed so much that when we headed back to our respective dormitories, the heavy feeling started to sink in, and it didn’t feel real. Nonetheless, we made memories, and that is what’s more important.