More filters

Black and White Canada Digital General

Two of the other shipments I ordered came in today and I was so excited! I didn’t get to try them right away though because I had work this afternoon.

Anyhow, I just tried tinkering with the Camray colored filters (in Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green) and these are what I got (I bought the colored filters mainly for my black and white film photography but I figured that I could use them with digital as well):

The first one I tried was the red one. Indeed it deepens the contrast but because I’m shooting inside my room I didn’t like how the photo turned out.

This is the blue one.

Yellow one.

Orange filter. I actually like the effect of this one.

The green one. I was surprised as to how nice the green filter turned out. I’ll try it next time I shoot photos outside to see if there’s any difference. So far I’m liking all of them. 🙂