Canada Digital

The girls (Bettina, Rachelle, Kaye) chilled earlier this afternoon at my place and then when they left… my place’s empty again, ha ha. My class won’t start until July, and I get a day off at work today so I was bored, and decided the last minute to go to Whyte Avenue to buy books and do some street photography. I loaded my Canon AE-1 with a redscale film that I made myself. Hopefully the roll turns out well (I only had a couple of shots though because I left at 7pm today).

Anyhow, I ended up at Wee Book Inn at Whyte Ave. (I frequent their Stony Plain branch because it’s near my workplace) and got a copy of Yoshimoto Banana’s Lizard and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children! Finding Lizard and NP (which I already own) was a pleasant surprise because her works (and used/English-translated Japanese books) are kind of hard to find.

I already paid my purchases when I saw they have a used copy of Scrubs Season One and… yes, I ended up getting it too. At least I can use the used DVD player I got a couple of days ago.

It’s actually nice going out at Whyte Ave. earlier. The place was really bright and busy even though I left there around 9-ish in the evening. I should do it again next time.