Ah, to be young again

Black and White Digital People

The language barrier was apparent; it was my first time seeing her. She was my cousin’s daughter, the youngest of 6. She was too shy to talk to me at first, and me, struggling to talk to her even though I knew she wouldn’t understand me. I think I lost my charm towards kids. Maybe because I grew up?

I took out my camera and asked her if she and another nephew of mine (her cousin) will smile for me. They were reluctant at first, but upon realizing that they can actually see the photos right after I take them (ah, the wonders of technology!), they suddenly beamed with delight.

One of the most genuine smiles I have seen in my entire life. I hope that this same smile will never fade when it is time for me again to come home and visit them.

3 thoughts on “Ah, to be young again”

  1. I LOVE this pic, and I LOVE her smile! What a great capture, Angela.

    Here’s wishing you a purpose-driven 2009! May all your dreams come true, all in God’s time.

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