Gastronomy 101: AG Inspired Cuisine

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As part of our 1st wedding anniversary celebration we have returned to our favourite boutique hotel Sterling Inn (5197 Magdalen). This time we opted with one of their packages that includes a dinner for two at their renowned in-house restaurant, AG Inspired Cuisine. Now, the crazy thing is that how majority of the tourists swear by the romantic ambiance and exceptionally good food served there. As what my husband said, “we bond well when we eat,” so it was only understandable how excited we were to go there!

We were almost late for dinner (having spent the day at Niagara-on-the-lake in the morning) but we dressed up for the occasion. There is an entrance at the back of the hotel’s main lobby which we figured out too late; instead we went outside and used the main entrance at the side of the hotel.

Now about the food. My goodness. We were not up for it. I was tasting a minute portion of my entree’s sauce and I couldn’t believe how much flavour they put in there! Everything was so delicious – from the appetizer, the main course, even the dessert. We were so happy when we ate it was borderline ridiculous. AG’s menu is ever-changing so I am glad we had a sample of what they offer but at the same time disappointed that I won’t be able to taste what I had last time.

left: Five Spice Braised Pork Belly – spring red wine rhubarb | Picard’s peanuts | honey bee pollen vinaigrette; right: “Old Fashioned” Smoked Chicken – “Kozlic’s” mustard potato risotto | foraged ramps | rhubarb whisky glaze

Sterling Silver Tenderloin of Beef – almond brie crust | lemon garlic greens | rhubarb and foie gras jus

left: New York Style Bailey’s Cheesecake – espresso glaze | white chocolate cream; right: “1812” – Laura Secord Chocolate Cream Liqueur, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Whipping Cream, Chocolate Shavings

“White Meadows” Maple Crème Brûlée – housemade biscotti | rosemary | burnt maple sugar