Gastronomy 101: MeNami Japanese Udon House & Sake Bar

Canada Canon S110 Digital Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

K and I saw MeNami Japanese Udon House‘s (5469 Yonge Street) impressive door one time and we wondered what it was. Fast track a few weeks later and found photos on Instagram and thought, “we better try it here.” And we did, with a few friends who normally do not hang around our side of the city (M&M are an exception, since they live in the area).

It was a good decision to call for a reservation because the place was PACKED. I am guessing that with the area’s heavy Asian population it was bound to be popular. The photos we initially saw did not disappoint either, as the food were really good and we were pleased that our friends enjoyed their meal. My personal favourite was the oven-baked udon which was rich and delicious.

(Not in photos are the deep-friend eggplant, tonkatsu, deep-fried ika, and convention roasted pork belly)

left: corn kakiage; right: albacore tuna tataki

tsuke udon with shrimp tempura

left: tempura udon; right: oven-baked udon

left: seafood yakiudon; right chicken karaage