Gastronomy 101: El Rincon Mexicano

Canada Canon S110 Digital Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

The thing about creating a blog entry about food is to not postpone it for too long. Granted I just defied that belief and forgot to post about El Rincon Mexicano (653 St Clair Ave W) with my food buddies. However that is not to say that I did not enjoy our meal. It was the contrary.

I was late for our dinner so I only ended up ordering my own meal. My husband got Sopes Mexicanos for the appetizer while our friend C ordered a soup. For our entree I had a nice serving of chicken Empanada, K and C had Camarones Chipotle and O had a nice sizzling Parrillada. I enjoyed my empanada so I think I will be back later to try their burrito or their traditional platters. Maybe with a margarita or two.