Gastronomy 101: Temple of Glory

Canada Canon S110 Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

A SATURDAY FOOD ADVENTURE is always a good adventure.

As part of my “welcoming celebration”, two friends and my hub decided to check out Mildred’s Temple Kitchen at 85 Hanna Ave. We were initially excited to try their Summerlicious Menu but we were told that it is not available on the weekend (apparently we didn’t see the note on the website). 🙁

Anyway we ended up ordering from their main menu which was really good. The hub and O ordered the Big Brunch Skillet while C ordered their The Manhandler (not pictured here). I tried their Mildred’s Flakey Savoury Tart which was very on point. 😉

(left: Big Brunch Skillet; right: Mildred’s Flakey Savoury Tart)

After lunch, the hub finally caved in because I was bugging him for us to try some gourmet doughnuts. I left Winnipeg with two big names in the doughnut movement spoiling my tastebuds – Oh Doughnuts and Bronuts. So I know I had to try what the city has to offer. We ended up at Glory Hole Doughnuts at 1596 Queen St. West. Both my hub and O ordered half a dozen each. We had the following flavours: Coconut Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Cream, Strawberries N’ Cream, PB & J, Toast and Butter, and Cookies N’ Cream. I get to try a portion of the Toast and Butter and a full serving of the Peanut Butter Cream.

I cannot pinpoint it exactly (must be the cream?) but I felt a bit let down with the Peanut Butter flavour… Must be because I had a similar flavour from Oh Doughnuts and geeze, it was REALLY GOOD because it was tasty and rich. I will try the other flavours next time. The PB&J and Strawberries N’ Cream sounded good though so that’s on my radar.