ORD Photo Trip

Black and White Canon S110 Digital Travel US

Visited Chicago last month to attend my cousin’s wedding. On our only free day during that trip, my husband, my sister, and I braved the cold June weather (it was the beginning of June and it was raining) and visited a couple of stops related to photography. I already featured the places we dined in, so here is the brief entry about the places we visited.

(This might come across as boring to those who are not into photography, but that’s OK.)

We saw Vivian Maier’s Chicago at Chicago History Museum and then visited Central Camera at 230 S Wabash Ave. We were supposed to go to the Museum of Contemporary Photography but didn’t due to time constraints.

The Vivian Maier installation was actually good, probably one of my favourites out of the ones I’ve seen so far. It has something to do with how the bigger prints were set-up. As for Central Camera, well, we ended up not finding (as with the case of my husband) stuff to buy, though I ended up getting a few instant films to save from shipping. Canadian dollars are not very strong lately so I refrain to buy online in USD if possible unless I really need the film. In this situation I was in the store already so I might as well.

A quick segue, I went to Central Camera in 2011 when I visited our cousins. My cousin used to buy his supplies there and was excited to show me around, only for us to arrive at 5 on the dot… and saw the doors close right in front of me. So I was determined to get there on time which we did this year. Maybe next time I might find something… I’m eyeing a Hexar or a G2.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.