Early Bird at Third+Bird

Canada Canon S110 Digital

What a great way to welcome spring than to celebrate local talent by attending this year’s Third+Bird artisan market. Accompanied by my friend and Pâtissière, we spent our Saturday morning discovering amazing handmade items and awesome talents nested in this city/province.

I had an opportunity to buy products from Pipcreek Studio+Farm, Shut Ur Pie Hole, Coal and Canary, and Snootsie – which I all equally enjoyed. I also happen to receive a baby spruce tree that was given away at the door for the first 500 people, courtesy of Shelmerdine Garden Centre. I already have it planted too, so I’m excited to see it grow. 😉

2 thoughts on “Early Bird at Third+Bird”

  1. you got pictures while it wasn’t as busy! good job! 😀
    i was too preoccupied to start shopping the moment i stepped in, so most of my pictures are so chaotic, hahaha!

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