Gastronomy 101: Tummy at Work, Pt 1

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I have been off at work for just over a week to spend my holidays at home (also the fiancé flew from Toronto) and I swear that my tummy hasn’t rested since. I was actually surprise that I did not get an upset stomach with all the food that I ate. (I had a bad case of hyperacidity a week before due to too much coffee, so I was a bit worried while Christmas and New Years loomed closer.)

Now that the fiancé has gone back to East Coast and I am scheduled to go back to work, I officially declare the holidays to be over.

Compared to last year, I took it a bit easy this time around and did not attend various holiday parties. I spent most of my time working and enjoying treats provided at work. I guess at this time and age, simple things are the source of my joy. I was able to squeeze in a couple of dinner dates and visited a few local restaurants (new and old) and had a wonderful holiday feast to celebrate the end of 2014.

First stop: Clay Oven at 1825 Inkster Blvd. I am very particular about the Indian food that I eat because I cannot handle spices and again, my bad case of hyperacidity. But I believe hardly anyone will contest me if I say that Clay Oven’s Butter Chicken, no matter the level of spice one prefers, is the best in the city. My girlfriends and I ordered the dish and it did not disappoint. I also enjoyed their serving of fresh naan bread.

My second stop was my first visit at ERA Bistro, located inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at 85 Israel Asper Way. Sybil got us a reservation, which was actually a good thing because the place was packed when we arrived.

The place is small and tables were set such that the guests are eating communal-style and perfect for intimate dining. I find that the place is very convenient for those who are looking to eat prior or after visiting the museum. The service was good despite the heavy traffic which is ALWAYS a good thing.

For lunch, our post-Christmas feast consisted of Big ‘Ol Burger, Braised Lamb, California Club, and King Salmon. Me and the fiancé chose the Tomato Basil (soup of the day) as a side, while Sybil chose the carrot fries (which was equally delish). I also got a taste of unfiltered ginger ale which was actually pretty good, I am thinking of purchasing them in bulk later (instead of drinking fruit juices, since I cannot drink pop).