Reign’s Dynasty

Canada Digital People Photoshoot Sessions

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! It took me a while to post some updates because of trying to work on a new life routine and schedule. Also, the weather has been a total downer for the past few months since winter has arrived. I know a lot of people see the beauty in winter, but I am really a summer girl and winter is just not my thing.

Last December, I got another opportunity to capture another milestone in the lives of Ericson and Phoebi, as their first-born, Alyza Reign, celebrated her first birthday. They wanted fresh portraits of her, and of course, I wanted to deliver that!

As I mentioned last time, baby portraits are always the most exciting and most challenging portrait subjects that I work on. But I love challenges! I always have a mindset that children grow really fast, and having photographs to go back to as years go by drives me to take better photos.

Reign was pretty cooperative throughout the whole shoot (except for the last part, when she showed signs of fatigue). Nap times are pretty important during shoots!

It is so humbling to be the photographer chosen to commemorate this young family’s growth. I am not just witnessing their happiness, I also help create future memories, which for me is very important.