Excuse My French: Scenes from Montréal, Pt. 2

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If you haven’t seen my photos taken with my Polaroid, now is the time to do so.

I did not bring my digital camera when I went to Toronto and Montréal and instead relied on my cellphone to take snapshots. Kelvin brought his OM-D with him too, so if anything, we’ve covered our digital bases, so to speak.

I have a personal rule about travel and Cellphone Photography in general; however I decided to break when I went to Montréal. I think the reason being was that I didn’t feel much of a tourist at all, considering I was just in a different Canadian city. So somehow using my phone to take photos (and share them online) seems acceptable.

(Eh, I don’t know, I guess I was just lazy bringing a digital camera.)

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took, and the story behind them.

We simply had to go to Chez Cora’s! (Also my attempt to feed the boy with healthy food.)

The place we called home for a couple of days. Good value for money and the staff are very friendly.

Notre-Dame Basilica. It was crowded. Crazy.

With photobooths, who needs selfies? (This is now becoming a tradition)

Dinner at Confusion Tapas located at Quartier-Latin.

The only shopping I get to do while in Montréal. I haven’t tried my new palette yet but I am definitely excited to use them this holiday season.

YES. Montréal Camera Style! You can tell, we are a photography-crazy couple.

View of Marche Bonsecours. Lots of interesting stores inside.

Walking around Vieux Montréal. It was VERY windy that day so it felt colder than usual.

LOVE Hotel. LOL Excuse the pun.

La Banquise for lunch before heading back to Toronto. My sister recommended this as she tried it herself when she was in the city a year ago. We ordered La Danse and La Elvis.