EJ and Czarina tie the knot!

Canada Film People

September is a great time to get married — it’s just the end of the summer and fall is slowly creeping in, which makes the weather really nice. My friends Czarina and EJ seem to know this too, as they tied the knot in a simple civil ceremony this afternoon.

They became a couple back when we were still in university, so you can only imagine that when the news came up, majority of us were thinking, “it’s about time”. It is great to see them ending up with each other after all those years.

The ceremony was attended by their family members and the couple’s close friends. I thought it would be great to bring my Instax with me as part of the celebration, and guess what? I was right! I enjoy shooting film during weddings, but using my instant camera proved to be a great mood-maker especially during events such as this.