A tea party for the bride-to-be

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Now that we’re in the topic of weddings and getting married, my dear friend Lem is the first to get married in our group *le gasp!*. We knew a celebration (and perhaps an explanation ha ha!) is in order so S, J and I planned an afternoon tea party in Lem’s honor.

My mother quipped that the event is actually a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our newly-set-up backyard fence, he he. 🙂

The one that sold me most on this party are the tea pots and cups. It was a combined effort finding these at TJ Maxx, Value Village and my own cupboard. I love tea just so you know so I thought it was just appropriate that I get to be in charge of the drinks. The printed cups were actually gifts from J from Anthropologie when she went to the US a couple of months ago.

Red Velvet cookies and Almond macarons that melted under the humidity. I didn’t complain! The forecast that day said it was going to rain.

I prepared two hot tea for that afternoon: a fruit herbal tea called “Forever Nuts” (from David’s Tea) and the classic London Fog.

I also prepared an iced cold mint tea that is based from Genmaicha green tea, brewed with mint leaves.

The bride-to-be!

Being the resident photo person, J and I set-up our backyard swing as our garden photobooth. 🙂

The last three group shots are obligatory. HA HA.