Half Year Recap Pt. 2

Canada Digital Film People


As previously mentioned, I have been busy, so my photos for the past half a year are mostly personal. I haven’t been out to take a couple of photos for myself (in a creative way), with the exception of a small photowalk with Cheri, a multi-exposure project with a friend from Japan, and trying out a pack of Fuji coloured peel-apart film with my friends.

However, I’ve shot one commission work which is a good time to break my continuous photo slump. This time I’d like to turn the blame towards the weather as we have experienced a longer (and more biting cold) winter this year. Anyway, continuing from the past entry, more photos ahead.

MAY is also a time for goodbyes as this was the last time I hung out with a good friend of mine, Pat. He’s going back to Taiwan before flying to Europe to continue his studies. I’m going to miss the guy. He’s very funny and very talented. I will definitely miss our time together shooting around Winnipeg.

Tats, Pat, N and her mom (who visited from the US) had dinner at Unburger. Seriously, that place is so awesome.

End of MAY is the start of the MAY-JUNE birthday extravaganza (lol) within my family. My nephew turned 7 and as usual, we went out for dinner.

And then it was my turn to have a birthday. My birthday fell on a work week so I spent the weekend with a couple of friends for brunch.

And then the final weekend was spent with my family out for dinner.

Tats and I hung out for dinner at Jade Choptix where they serve the EVIL FRIED RICE! It was so good it was bad (for my Chinese food level).

JUNE is filled with celebrations because my sister finished high school with flying colors! She received an entrance scholarship and an honorary mention which was awesome.

In just over a week and I’m about to face the second half of 2013. Of course, I will start it with a bang by going on a holiday! I am pretty sure that the trip will cure my photo slump. In the meantime, a lot of work and preparation has yet to be done before I could even reach my destination. So yeah, I cannot seem to feel the excitement just yet, but I’ll get there for sure.