Lomography Bel-Air x 6-12 Impressions

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Last year, I bought Lomography’s new camera, the Bel-Air x 6-12. Here are some of the photos I got (and liked). All of the things I want to say about this camera in general can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Personally, I like the 90mm lens paired with a nice 400 ISO black and white or colored negative film. This is awesome to shoot side-by-side with the Horizon camera (I have the Kompakt). While I did run a test roll for the sake of snapshots, I would love to shoot this primarily with landscape scenery. I feel that I can take advantage of the 6×12 format really well if I do that.

For flashes, I’ve heard that the manual flashes are too heavy for the camera and unfortunate stories of flying hotshoes occured at some point. I’ve used my Diana F+ flash with my camera to keep it lightweight and portable.

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  1. Lomography rockt einfach 🙂 Die Serie gefällt mir sehr gut. Du hast tolle Impressionen festgehalten und auch schöne Kompositionen für die einzelnen Aufnahmen gewählt, die ein gutes Händchen erkennen lassen. Danke dir übrigens fürs folgen auf Twitter 🙂

    Viele Grüße aus Dortmund

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