Minolta XG-1n Test Roll

Canada Film Food

I just got my negatives back from the lab. I received two found films as well as two colored rolls shot a couple of weeks back. There should be one more roll (black and white) but my chemicals expired so I have to get fresh ones. That can wait I guess.

This Fuji Superia XTRA 400 roll is crucial since I tested my Minolta XG1-n. I got the camera last year but was lazy to get a battery for it so I just had it tested. I needed the results to come out well for a very important reason (stay tuned to my YT channel for an announcement later this week).

The roll turned out really well to say the least. The SLR got a nifty fifty f/1.7 which was really unbelievable. Nice camera I should say. The shutter seems kind of soft to touch. I do like the nice viewfinder, the weight, as well as I can turn it off to save battery life.

I’d like to post all the photos but I’d like to save it at a later date as I plan to write about the photos behind the roll. BTW the photos were mostly of me cooking takikomi gohan since Tatsuya swung by my place to scan his negatives.