Birthday Week

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So my 26th birthday falls on a weekend this year (today) which is good time to celebrate by chilling out.

Nothing extravagant this year. On Friday I just met up with close friends to check out Unburger and catch up with each other.

The place is really small so if you want to go out with lots of friends you better be early as it’s hard to find a spot to sit. Price is a bit steep but it’s gourmet (and they have cute servers, he he). Try the multi-grain bread because it’s good (I like crispy breads) and their yam fries (so delish). I think the pop is a bit overpriced, but they have them in glass bottles which is awesome.

We then headed to Baked Expectations for coffee and desserts and more catching up.

Yesterday my mom and I just celebrated our birthdays with family; my nephew and niece visited us! It was very quiet; I guess I’m getting old and I now prefer less stressful celebrations.

Last year was full of events–good and bad stuff, seasoned with luck and misfortunes. I’m hoping to be a better person this year.