Remembering and Letting Go

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I saw this ad and I begged to differ. Sometimes, we need to let go people in our lives, especially if the connection does not work anymore. I think what prevents us from doing so is the idea of letting go and losing someone, regardless if they cease to be important. We are social beings after all, and for us there is a constant need to connect, to socialize.

With the advent of social media we get to connect with old friends. Such a weird term, “old friends.” Sometimes I wonder, how long do we have to hold on to these “old friends”? Not that I find them bothersome. We need to connect to people from our past, but do we set boundaries? How? With Facebook we filter things and at the same time over-share to people, leading to misunderstanding and arguments. Funny how it happens to “old friends”. I guess we grow up and suddenly we realize that the “connection” is not there anymore. It’s just the history that binds us together. But is that enough?

I have enough of dealing with changes in my life (in addition to the daily things I need to do) that I have no patience to “old friends” whose obviously behaviour and personality changed. Especially in my case wherein I have been living away from the Philippines for the past 8-9 years. My personality, behaviour and views changed as well. I look at my timeline and some people whom I used to spend a lot of time with just annoy me. Is it worth it to “keep” them? I don’t know. I am afraid to be rude, or be labeled as someone arrogant “just because I don’t live there anymore.”

Honestly, we need to walk away. Be fond of the memories from the past, but if the connection is starting to hurt the present then we need to severe it, no matter how hard it is.