Fuji X10 in Monochrome: Working on some night and low-light shots

Black and White Canada Digital Food People Reviews Streets

Here’s to more Fuji X10 shots taken at night. Still using the B&W + Red Filter film simulation and at 800 ISO. This time I did some post-processing mostly by sharpening the photos once and playing around with the curves. I am really hoping that I could get this result in-camera (or something close to this) but for now I have to resolve with the idea of post-processing photos.

In general I like the X10’s low-light performance. Shooting at 800 ISO was such a pleasure especially when capturing the streets at night (I rarely do this even with my other digital cameras).

I haven’t experienced my battery dying due to the cold, but maybe that’s because we’ve been experiencing a fairly warm weather for the past few days. That’s relatively warm compared to the temperature we had for the past couple of weeks.

So far I like the monochrome filters. I haven’t tested the Orange and Yellow ones yet but the Red performed decently. Anyway, this is a type of shots I usually do when I go out with friends. As for the colored film simulations I have yet to fully explore it but so far I like it (but not loving it).