Toronto 2011, Day 4

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Day 4 was jam-packed. I didn’t go out on Monday the 24th mainly because K had work again, so I stayed home, chilled with his parents. I also made a local dessert which didn’t work as well as it’s supposed to because of… circumstances.

Anyway, busy day ahead. The concrete says it all.

I love Toronto’s subway stations. I might change my mind once I visit New York or Tokyo but regardless Toronto’s subway system is close to my heart.

Shooting from the hip. Yep.

I love trains. They combine the elements of travel, movement and speed and make it all romantic and not boring.

We had a very quick, inexpensive but filling lunch at Ginger and then headed to our first destination.

Yes, more trains.


Second to my “romantic” mode of transportation has to be the train cars.

Yonge is very photogenic.

Details! Patterns! This time I’m breathing the city and observing what’s around me.

We went to Distillery District. Probably a very photographed place in the city.

I find the whole place to be warm and romantic.

We walked around and sure enough people around there take a lot of photos.

Chasing pigeons. He he.

I don’t understand this. I find this figure to be out of place.

It was raining hard when we left the Distillery. I still insisted to go to Harbourfront for some shots.

It was raining but it’s all worth it. Thanks for your patience, K. 🙂

K and I went for dinner with our friend C. Marsche is awesome, despite the long wait for my pizza.