Illinois, Part 5 – Navy Pier

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Next day, we all headed to Navy Pier.

I definitely love this place. In a camera lover’s perspective this reminded me of La Sardina. The place is very colorful and, well, navy-ish.

My cousin scheduled a lunch aboard the Spirit of Chicago. A huge cruise ship, as you can see here. 🙂

While we were waiting, Ate Kim and I had Italian Ice. I think it’s a fancy snow kone.

Kuya, Ate and Uncle.

The view when we boarded!

Lunch was served buffet and kuya and I were starving. |Did I mention good food? North American buffet should always taste good like this.

Unfortunately, it was very foggy that day so there wasn’t much to see at Lake Michigan. Majority of the guests entertained themselves by singing and dancing (on-board entertainment is provided by the singing/dancing staff).

The whole concept just reminded me of the local Singing Cooks and Waiters in Manila. Heh.

After that my cousins, my sister and I headed for a ride to the huge Ferris Wheel.

The trip was short. Meh. Only took it one revolution. Soli bayad!

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