Getting there

Canada Film Nature

My friend drove me home this evening after I bail out early (I’m not feeling well) and she mentioned how busy I am. I have my full-time job, three organizations (one allows me to do volunteer work), side job (photography), then I have to work out (meh, I’m skipping as of late) and a hobby (again, photography). She asked me where I get my time to do these things.

I initially answered her question by stating that I don’t know either. But now that I finally got a quiet, solitary Saturday night, I think the answer is that I don’t have the time. I’m making things work, I think I’m successful with some of my attempts but for the most part I’m struggling. I badly need my sleep, and I’ll do so after finishing this entry.

I’m in the middle of doing my weekly backlog but as mentioned I’m really sleepy and didn’t get to sleep well (again!) last night and had to wake up this morning for my volunteer work. I’m still out of the loop with all the things I have to juggle, but I’m getting there, wherever that might be.