In repair


This is my Pentax ME-F. I got this from my aunt last 2008 when I visited the Philippines. I’ve only used this once because I find the whole unit to be really complicated (too many buttons and knobs!) but it’s something that I won’t give away because I consider the act of receiving this from a relative to be really cool. 🙂

My sister was supposed to use this late last year in order to dab her feet on film when suddenly the mirror started acting up. I thought that maybe because it was cold and the mechanism froze (I mean, it’s Manitoba, right?). So I decided to just leave it for a bit and pick it up again this spring. Which I did, but the mirror still does not return to its position when I press the shutter. Had no choice but to bring it to the camera repair shop last Monday. Got the estimate a couple of days after and I believe the camera’s shutter seems to be broken. Eck!

It will probably cost me almost a hundred to have it repaired, including the labor (and hopefully, the parts). I’ve been to that camera repair shop and they took care some of my film cameras (starting with my AE-1’s battery door) so I am very confident that this will be like new in no time.

Still expensive though. But I’m just glad it’s repairable.