25@365: Day 207

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DECEMBER 26, 2010 – The United States has Black Friday, we have Boxing Day. I woke up really early to join my parents to take advantage of this yearly, batshit crazy of a sale. I finally saw people actually swarming the door in order to get something right away.

I got a couple of things, mainly a bunch of 4GB SD cards for myself and K, an unplanned purchase of The Big Bang Theory Season 2 DVD, and the biggest purchase probably is a Nokia C3, which is approximately $40 cheaper than the other stores who didn’t put this unit on sale. I don’t want to spend $100 or more for a phone. That just doesn’t make any sense.

Other stuff I have received (that weren’t purchased by me) were a knitted cap, scarf and a brown wool jacket from Old Navy (mom bought it for me) and 2 Wii games (NBA and Guitar Hero) bought by tatay.

Spent some part of the afternoon playing games with my sister and slept for a couple of hours because that pre-Christmas week drained my energy. Whew.

2 thoughts on “25@365: Day 207”

  1. Ha! Me and Anna got the C3 too. Geez, what an unplanned purchase! (Got seasons 1 and 2 of BBT too from Zellers!)

  2. I think the C3 is a good buy considering the price. It has all the basic functions that I need except the 3G. But the fact that I can access my mail makes it very useful to me. Plus madaling mag-text. 🙂

    Are there any TBBT season 1 left at Zellers?

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