25@365: Day 163

25@365 Canada Digital Travel

NOVEMBER 12, 2010 – The rest of the entries that you will see here will be image-heavy of Toronto and my recent visit there to see K.

As advised, I did not bring my D40 with me, as I felt that it will be hard for me to appreciate the place if I snap photos like crazy like a mindless tourist. Ha ha. K let me borrow his D90 once in a while, but throughout the trip I just used my tiny LC-A and my Instax when it’s time for me to take photos with friends.

Anyway, so I was able to see Union Station and had dinner with the beau at CN tower. It was very foggy that Friday night.

I’ll be breaking the days into smaller entries but for my 25@365 project, this is what I’m logging as an entry. 🙂