25@365: Day 158

25@365 Canada Digital Food People

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 – Another impromptu night-out with Sybil and Phoebi.

We were supposed to go to Osborne and have dessert. However Phoebi recommended us Charlee’s, a restaurant/lounge that is located near Talbot area. So after a bit of a navigation mishap, we arrived there safely. We ordered dinner and drinks.

The place reminds me of the live music places back in the Philippines. (I believe the owner is Filipino. Figures.) Live music, sad/pop/dramatic/acoustic songs (hello, MYMP? HA HA). Which wasn’t so bad. I actually was looking for a place where I can chill with friends with live music and drinks. Just like home. Okay, I’m blabbing.

Lighting is bad again, of course.

I should say I like the music and the food. I can see myself frequenting that place. 🙂