25@365: Day 089

25@365 Canada Digital

AUGUST 30, 2010
– So, I didn’t forget that they’re having a 50% sale at Value Village today, so after getting home from work, I asked my sister to accompany me to the store.

Anyway the weather sucked today and it didn’t help that it’s been crazy at work.

There wasn’t anything in there — the mint Olympus mju I that was there before was already sold. The Canon waterproof camera’s sold too (boo!). Majority that’s in there are some odds and ends AF. Nothing interesting except the toy camera that I found! A Crayola one! 😛

Not sure what’s the aperture and shutter speed of this little toy; I might have to search it in a bit.

In addition to the camera I also got a nice bag for half the price. I believe it’s still new though because it was covered in plastic.