25@365: Day 071

25@365 Canada Digital General

AUGUST 12, 2010
– I had some nice finds at the local thrift store last Wednesday I think, and I finally got to play around them today.

First off was a very cheap unit of Canon AF35 II or Autoboy 2. I know some people might be wondering why I spent two bucks with this thing… But I was just thrilled because this is the same camera unit that my family owned and basically I grew up with. Our old unit’s long gone and dead in 2003. So imagine the bouts of nostalgia that this brought!

The second unit is more of a toy camera fetish that I’ve had since I started playing around with lomography. I found this pretty neat Lipton Noodle Toy Camera. Haha. It’s cute, and I think it’s basically for kids. But whatever. Can’t wait to try them soon.

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