25@365: Day 038

25@365 Canada

JULY 10, 2010 – I know, I saw Sybil again today, ha ha!

Prior to her arrival I organized my whole room again. A couple of days ago, I revamped my vanity (we call it tokador). Today I organized my closet. I sent some stuff at the local trip store (which a 5-min walk away from my place). Some bags were sent there today too.

Anyway Sybs dropped by her Vera Moda kimono dress. She only wore it twice and it was just too big on her so she gave that to me instead. 🙂 I gave her a white rumpled shirt in exchange and some goodies that she can use for her readers’ giveaway.

We talked about life and my preparation for Kelvin’s arrival next week. And of course, I have to take her photos. It would have been a nice impromptu shoot but it was getting cloudy outside.