Canada Day and Graduation Thanksgiving Lunch

Canada Digital Food

Whew, that’s a long title there.

Consider this as a part of my 25@365 project but the next entry that will follow will be the highlight of yesterday’s events.

Yesterday I was invited by my good friend Sybil to attend a buffet lunch with her. I figured that there’s a family thing going on but I didn’t realize that it was for her! Grrr. Well, she’s the type of girl who never really tells any events that’s related to her (i.e. her birthday), so I felt a bit bad not giving her anything (but I’m going somewhere by the end of July so I’ll get her something!).

Anyway so I saw her family and had a bit of a chit-chat with them, same with Tristan’s family (Sybil’s boyfriend). I wasn’t so hungry that time so I only had buffet dimsum for lunch.

The moment we left the restaurant it was blazing hot! Geeze. I wore something proper that day because it was a lunch event, if I knew then I should’ve worn something short and light.