Nikon FM2n Black Body Test Shots

25@365 Black and White Canada Film

This is a very delayed upload since I took the photos during the May 2010 Asian Heritage Festival and had them processed not till first or second week of June.

I used my 50mm f/1.8 D lens for this one only to have some doubts in the middle of shooting. “Will this work? What if my photos died? AYHEU&#Y^&UDGH” so I ended up calling Kelvin to confirm that, well, yes all Nikkor/Nikon lenses work with all Nikon bodies.

My FM2n is a joy to use. Not only that it looked absolutely new, it works really well too. It’s heavy like my AE-1, but it’s the type of weight that you really won’t mind carrying. I find it easier to use despite that it is mechanical and fully manual.

I’m happy that it helped me create really nice photos. Looking forward to using it again. 🙂