25@365: Day 010

25@365 Canada Digital People

JUNE 12, 2010 – Saturday was a busy day.

I was hired to do freelance work last Saturday for a friend’s friend’s wedding. Armed with my trusty D40, borrowed D80 body (from Kelvin), and with a little help from friends Jon, Andrew and Lemarie, I went to the war ready to aim shots. In a not-so-deadly manner, of course.

I’m actually glad that I was able to use (albeit for a short time) some skills I’ve learned when I was doing studio work at a local photography studio. I need to sharpen my knowledge though.

Wedding photography is a big challenge for me., It’s cool to document an event for someone and at the same time it’s not comfortable knowing that I’m in charge of physically preserving the memories of that event. But then again, there are ways to prevent or to offset that, even though it means I have to haul my equipment around (thank goodness I have friends!).

Saturday’s gig tested my patience. The weather was not cooperating. There were schedule problems. Plans did not push through. Some of the things I thought of did not materialize. I think it’s just reality, and weird things are bound to happen during that day. It’s not a cookie-cutter event. If something failed, I just had to breathe deep, move on, and take more photos.

Lemarie and I got home around 10 in the evening, thanks to my parents who picked us up at the reception. It was fun though, despite the stress.