Sears Carnival

Canada Streets

My sister and I went to a local fair a couple of nights ago and decided to try out night photography. I have been catching up on my reading since I am done school, and with that, I have also been learning more techniques that would be useful when I go out to the field and shoot.

I haven’t been good with regards to landscape photography; I always have this affiliation with people so I haven’t been practicing with still objects and places. Low exposure and night photography’s one of the fields that I haven’t explored so when the opportunity came for me to shoot, I grabbed with right away.

Feels weird when people were looking at you carrying a bulky dslr and a tripod when people (in general) are supposed to go there and have fun, but well, that’s my kind of fun. It did help though, that there was an older guy with his camera and monopod with him, taking photos. At least I am not alone. 🙂