The night [ends] here

Canada Film Streets

The night [ends] here
Taken using Olympus ยต[mju:] Wide 80 with an expired Ferrania Solaris 400 film. You have to go to Flickr to appreciate the width provided by the panorama setting.

This is the usual scene that my eyes see every Monday-Wednesday last Fall of 2009 and every Wednesday-Thursday starting this winter.

It’s been hard going to work p/t in the morning and studying at night since I was so used to the reversed routine while I was completing my degree back in 2004. But nobody said it was easy, and careers don’t materialize overnight. My photography suffers because I can’t go out that much, but taking photos has been my lifeline since 2007, and I don’t want to stop now. It has help me see things differently through a viewfinder and it has helped me find love too.

But things will change. I only have three months left in school. For sure, things will be better.