City of Selkirk, MB

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My father and I left early at Gimli, so before heading home we decided to stop by at Selkirk.

I haven’t been to Selkirk, but my father went here before to go fishing. We stopped by at the Maritime Museum and again walked around a bit.

5 thoughts on “City of Selkirk, MB”

  1. Wow. I find it interesting that there are ships that are out of water, and still pretty! The only place that I saw had those ships out of water is this place in Uzbekistan, called Moynaq. I’ve only seen the pictures, and I definitely would want to go sometime. There are ships marooned on dry land because the Aral Sea retreated.

  2. Now that you mentioned it, I didn’t think about how they managed to put the ships there, ha ha. Maybe they dragged it or used some big equipment to carry it around? 🙂

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