Taste of Edmonton Kick-off 2009

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Yvonne and I attended Taste of Edmonton last Friday night. It was fun not to mention a not-so-expensive way to try different foods from different restaurants and hotels in Edmonton.

I like how a lot of people attended the place, and how everything’s concentrated in one location. It’s very convenient for me too, because it’s just one LRT ride for me. I had to wait for Yvonne because she did her groceries first, and they yay! Amazing food trip. I love it. I had my first merlot too, and man, that was really good.

There are good food and good music too! They had a Latin American band last Friday and let me tell you this: despite of the stress, nothing makes me feel sexy and calm than dancing to the tune of Latin American music under the moonlight on a warm yet breezy Friday night.

If you’re in Edmonton, I suggest that you do visit it (it’s located in front of the Edmonton City Hall and beside the Churchill LRT station). Taste of Edmonton runs until August 1st.