Pentax P/K Mount Takumar 1:2.8 28mm Wide Angle Lens


A few months ago I blogged about getting my aunt’s Pentax ME-F and how we weren’t able to find the wide angle lens that she purchased together with the unit and its AF 35-70mm pullover lens. Well, I’ve been on the lookout, trying to find a used 28mm, 35mm or even 50mm P/K mount so that I’ll be able to use the Pentax without carrying its heavy lens.

Well a couple of weeks ago I was lucky to spot a seller within Edmonton area and I finally got my hands on a 28mm lens last Thursday. The lens is still in good quality, and it used to be the prime lens for the seller (husband and wife)’s Pentax ME.

Unfortunately I don’t have my ME-F with me as it’s in my house and obviously I didn’t bring it here at the dorm. Would love to try it next time though.