Photoshoot with Nashtassia

Black and White Canada Digital People Photoshoot Sessions

So after not doing any shoots of my own since January, I finally got the time to go out and shoot like crazy, and Nash was kind enough to help me out! We had a bit of a problem with regards to choosing clothes. However Nash brought a handful so we managed to whip up a wardrobe anyway.

We actually did the first part of the shoot downstairs, which is right across the School of Business building and just below my staircase unit. We later had lunch and did the second part of our shoot, which was at the highland bridge, just on top of the LRT railroad and the North Saskatchewan River.

I hardly go to the latter location on foot so I didn’t realize that there was a now-unused railroad tracks there, so we utilized it. We then took photos at the bridge, which is situated at the top of the river. The weather was cooperative today and we definitely had fun.

Selected photos are now available for viewing at my extension portfolio.