2015 Year Ender

2015 is a year of beginnings, a year of firsts. It’s ironic that the first post in this site is the mark of an end, but as the cliche goes, the end is also the start of something new.

I’ve visited a few new places and experienced significant life changes, all while taking a few photos along the way:


Buffalo NY

A quick day trip to Buffalo NY to check the place out. Nothing much to say about the city but I did have a nice time fooling around shooting shitty portraits of my friends

30122015 004

30122015 003
30122015 005
30122015 006


Chicago Trip

Spent a few days with Arianne and her family to attend a wedding. Chicago has been termed as Toronto’s twin in the south, but I can say that they share little with each other. Chicago has fantastic architecture, interesting streets, beneath a layer of grit and personality that I very much loved.

30122015 009

30122015 008

30122015 007

30122015 012

30122015 013

30122015 010

30122015 011


Ann Arbor

A quiet university town with a small town feel. Lots of local businesses, there are hardly any big name businesses downtown (mcdonalds, starbucks, the like).

Spent two days here for a meetup with Film Photography Project. Geeked out with like minded individuals over film cameras and photography in general. Had the most amazing sandwich at Zingermans. The rest of the food during the two day trip is fantastic. These are all the photos I have right now as I haven’t scanned the rest yet. Scanning is a project for January.

30122015 016

30122015 015

30122015 014

30122015 017


Cottage with friends

Quite an enjoyable trip, and it was a pleasure cooking for these guys. We even went hiking for a few hours.
30122015 019

30122015 020

30122015 021

30122015 022

30122015 018


A new job

Moved from a client facing side of the brokerage business to an internal position. I liked the move, pays more too. I don’t have photos, but here’s a dream outside my office.

30122015 023


First Christmas in Toronto since 2012

Spent it with friends and family, just like it’s supposed to be.

30122015 026

30122015 025

30122015 024


Got married to Arianne

Winnipeg, May 2015. The most significant event in my life so far. This marks the end of a five-year, long distance relationship and is the start of a new life for us.

We got married surrounded by a small group of family and friends in a cozy garden venue in the middle of the woods. I showed the photos taken by our photographer to a co-worker and he said it’s so British. Allrighty then, I guess it is. Photos below are mine.

30122015 027

30122015 028

30122015 029

30122015 030

30122015 031

30122015 034

30122015 032


Arianne moving in

After spending a few months of organizing her move, Arianne left her home of 12 years and moved in with me. I picked her up in Winnipeg so I can be with her while she is saying her goodbyes. I also want to be there to assure the people she’s leaving behind that I will be giving her all the love and support that I can give.

30122015 035

30122015 037

30122015 036

30122015 038

A realization that I’ve been struggling with since the past few months is that how quickly time passes as I get older. I realize this is partly due to the decreasing number of “firsts” that I experience as everything becomes routine. Looking at the photos I’ve produced for the past year; however mundane, reminded me of things that have slipped past unnoticed.

I’ll try to do this more, both with film and digital, as I don’t know if a memory is worth remembering until I try to recall it. With a fridge full of film and cheap digital storage/backup, this really is not an issue. I should shoot more.



As per custom, let me end 2015 with the quote:

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

T.S. Elliot

So goodbye, and forever hello, 2015.