About In Transit

In its purest sense of the word, movement means being in the process of changing location or transferring from place to place. But as human beings with differing and diverse sets of individual experiences, we put different meanings into concepts – movement can mean something else from one person to another. The way we associate these definitions to our lives adds more beauty to it as our experiences become more personal, shaping us as our own individual.

In Transit aims to capture the meaning of movement as described by seven people differentiated in geography and culture. Each person has experienced movement (and to some extent, displacement) at some point. The numerous scenes that they encountered in their day-to-day lives allows them to experience movement in various ways. Moreover, each photographer has their own style and photographic tool which imbues certain atmospheres in each photo.

In doing this project we were able to travel and explore what it really means to move. We may have different definitions and even conflicting ideas regarding movement but we all share the wish of our audience’s enjoyment of this exhibition.

For questions regarding a specific photograph or a set, please direct your inquiries to the photographer.